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inspiring young writer and leaders to promote and creatively respond to the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Actions in Spotlight

Empowering young writers across the nation to become the creative leaders of a sustainable future

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Supported by Youth Service America and Disney Be Inspired,

Actions in Spotlight is a service learning project and an online platform

created by and for students   

We publish student writing and spotlight service initiatives

that promote the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We implement an educational, creative, and shared experience
among young people to promote the Sustainable Development Goals

learning Experience

Facilitating education about the goals, one every month starting in January 2018

Creating experience

Encouraging creative response  to the featured goals with literary and journalistic writing

Sharing experience

Advocating service initiatives to spread awareness and engage a broader community

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Our Creative Response to the 17th Goal:

Partnerships for the Goals

2 Grace image.png
Poem in response to Partnerships for the Goals
May 2019

1. The first UN Goal in no poverty

To give support to those with little personal property

To raise their lives’ quality

Is our first priority

By Grace Muresan
Nonfiction in response to Partnerships for the Goals
May 2019

When I was little, my teachers taught my peers and me skills like adding and subtracting, reading and writing. They also taught us other skills like sharing with each other, talking about our problems, and negotiating solutions. These are basic principles...

By Georgia Bernbaum
May 2019
Fiction in response to Partnerships for the Goals

My grandmother used to say that each new day brought a unique surprise to look forward to. The only surprises that are ever waiting for me, however, are not the pleasant kind: dirty tables to wipe, screaming customers, spilled food trays. Oh, and there was that...

By Caroline Sun
May 2019
Nonfiction in response to Partnerships for the Goals

To achieve all 16 goals, the United Nations put forth the 17th goal which encourages collaboration between public and private sector to achieve the goals.Schools, public or private, play an important role to help achieve this 17th goal. They should prepare the future...

By Grace Muresan
May 2019
Nonfiction in response to Partnerships for the Goals

The Internet has been around for less than 30 years, but in that short time, it has transformed humanity. Not only can we chat with our friends and play fun games on it, but the Internet can also help developing countries through connecting the world. One benefit...

Karen Wu
Nonfiction in response to Partnerships for the Goals
May 2019

According to World Economic Forum, Sweden, Denmark and Norway are the countries that have made the most progress on achieving the Sustainable Development goals, and Sweden is “84.5% of the way to achieving the targets envisaged for 2030.”

By Amrita Bhasin
May 2019
Poem in response to Partnerships for the Goals

Seventeen goals,

To save our world.

Seventeen goals

To end the hurt.

By Kelsey Cashman
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Goal 1: No Poverty

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 10: Reduced  Inequalities 

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 12:Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 13: Climate Action 

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Goal 15: Life On Land

Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals

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