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Poem in response to Partnerships for the Goals
May 2019


By Kelsey Cashman

Seventeen goals,

To save our world.

Seventeen goals

To end the hurt.


No more hunger,

No more pain,

No more bowls

Empty of grain.


Quality schools

For poor and rich,

Helping everyone

To find their niche.


No more girls

Too young to be marrying,

Pulled out of school

To begin childbearing.


No more people

Out on the streets,

Trying to find work

But faced with defeat.


No more pollution

On land or in water,

Keeping the Earth

From just getting hotter.


All the world’s problems,

Solved by the goals,

But if we don’t work together

None will unfold.


A union of nations,

Together we’re strong.

As one we make changes

To right all the wrongs.

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