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Our Creative Response to the 13th Goal:

Climate Action

Nonfiction in response to Climate Action
Jan 2019

At school, I was taught that climate change is defined as a change in global or regional climate patterns. As I grew up, I learned that the phrase ‘climate change’ refers to the insidious, long-term impact of actions by humans to the one place in the...

By Grace Muresan
Nonfiction in response to Climate Action
Jan 2019

Earth, on average, is one degree Celsius warmer today than it was in 1880. In 2015, representatives from 195 countries and the European Union attended the 21st annual United Nations’ Climate Change Conference where established a framework to limit...

By Georgia Bernbaum
Jan 2019
Poem in response to Climate Action

No more winters with falling snow.

In no more rivers will water flow.

The once soft kiss of a passing breeze

Will instead make you cough and sneeze.

By Kelsey Cashman
Jan 2019
Nonfiction in response to Climate Action

Schools are generally seen as responsible for providing kids with formative experiences, life skills, global viewpoints and preparations for adulthood. Given the growing immediacy of climate change as a defining issue and clear danger, youth...

By Ilana Arougheti
Jan 2019
Fiction in response to Climate Action

Hi! I’m Georgia and I am 9 years old, and I live with Flora, my 12-year-old sister and my parents in Panama City, Florida.

Life is great for us because Florida is always warm and we can go to the beach every day. Life is good, even though we don’t have any...

By Grace Muresan
Jan 2019
Nonfiction in response to Climate Action

How do we stop global warming? Some places have instituted the carbon price, but placing a higher price on beef will help too.

Making space to raise cattle causes deforestation. The factories that they are processed in emit greenhouse gasses. According to...

By Karen Wu
Jan 2019
Nonfiction in response to Climate Action

From 1880 to 2012, average global temperature increased by 0.85°C. As many of us around the country have experienced from the recent fires and hurricanes, climate change is affecting everyone. Living in Northern California, the smoke caused...

By Amrita Bhasin
Christina Zhao.jpg
Jan 2019
Poem in response to Climate Action

I live in Florida and sometimes wonder:

In how many days will my city go under?

Our country started out as an empty canvas

But will my state be the next Atlantis?

By Grace Muresan
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