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Poem in response to Climate Action
January 2019

Helping Earth

By Kelsey Cashman

No more winters with falling snow.

In no more rivers will water flow.

The once soft kiss of a passing breeze

Will instead make you cough and sneeze.


Ice is melting, and soon no more

Waves will gently lap the shores.

Instead they’ll pound the sand away,

Rising further every day.


Rolling fields of corn and grain

Will soon begin to fade away.

Crops will begin to sprout deceased,

Unable to withstand the rising heat.


All because of us, ourselves.

We will create this living hell.

But we can nip it in the bud,

We can stop the rising floods.


Turning off showers and the lights,

It doesn’t take a hero’s might!

Reduce, reuse, and recycle-

Those will lead to Earth’s revival.


Together we can make a change,

Together fix what we started to break.

This is our Earth, we must treat her right

Or soon she won’t be here for future lives.

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