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Poem in response to Climate Action
January 2019

The Next Atlantis

By Grace Muresan
Christina Zhao.jpg

I live in Florida and sometimes wonder:

In how many days will my city go under?

Our country started out as an empty canvas

But will my state be the next Atlantis?


So I moved to California where the weather is so dry

You’ll never see a raindrop until 4 months after July

But I knew my mistake when flames licked at the sky

And this place is running low on its water supply.


Another place where aqua reservoirs are down

Are in Mexico, especially in precious farming towns

With an ever-increasing demand and an increasingly limited supply

Is it only a matter of time until all agriculture dies?


At the very top of all American globes

Antarctica is losing what it owned in loads

Its ice is slowly melting with climate change

And places near water are under, out of range


The effects of climate change are very slow

But the danger and risk will also grow

Before the human population has nowhere to go

We must preserve our tomorrow.

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