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Poem in response to Partnerships for the Goals
May 2019

17 Sustainable Development Goals

By Grace Muresan
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1. The first UN Goal in no poverty

To give support to those with little personal property

To raise their lives’ quality

Is our first priority

Everyone deserves the basic commodities.


2. The second goal is Zero hunger

So starving will never have to encumber

The dreams of an ambitious youngster,

Let’s take down the number

Of people who must wonder

What’s it like to be full?


3. The Third UN Goal is Good Health and Well Being

To give people the medical help they are seeking

This goal is overseeing

How people are receiving

The care they are needing

Treating and healing

Even those with preceding

Bills that are exceeding

Their personal funding.


4. The 4th UN goal is Quality education

So that people are provided with necessary information

In intuitive anticipation

That they’ll get a good occupation

And improve the economy of their nation.


5. The fifth goal is Gender Equality

In all honesty

We are treated with less quality,

As in society


Puts men in authority

Almost consistently.


6. The 6th goal is Clean Water and Sanitation

Flint, Michigan, Pakistan, Ghana, and other countries’ deprivation

Of adequate hydration

Is an aberration,

And a simple relocation

Of funds for a fixation

To the dehydration

Is an obligation.


7. The 7th goal is clean and affordable energy

Using fossil fuels generously

Puts our climate and atmosphere in jeopardy

Let the mining jobs of yesterday

Fade right out of memory

As solar, wind, and hydro come complimentary

With cleanliness and efficiency.


8. Goal #8 is Decent Work and Economic Growth

What else do I care about but both

Putting food on the table and in the closet clothes

No time for sloth

I made an oath

For my children to have healthy growth

I always loathe

How people behoove

You expect me to care as my children starve?


9. The 9th goal is Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

We live in a world where advanced architecture

Has become almost a culture

But only for national superpowers.

Other countries still rely on agriculture

Why should we care about our luxury,

When our brothers in another country

Are in a stricture,

Their economic structures

Don’t allow mass manufacture

We must be the conductor

For their better future.


10. The tenth goal is Reduced Inequalities

Don’t belittle because of disabilities

Different personalities, ideologies, oddities, policies should be for equity

Why is gay matrimony

An illegality

And not the “mental instability”

That immorally

Targets vulnerability?


11. The 11th UN Goal is Sustainable Cities and Communities

People need the opportunities

To live with adequate amenities

Just because the world’s extremities

Seem like economic vanities

Out of our social unity

Doesn’t mean that when there are calamities

We will not feel the affinities.


12. The 12th goal is Responsible Consumption and Production

Has wasting food become an addiction?

Don’t be tempted by food’s seduction

What you buy needs a reduction

Our food system could use reconstruction

Because a clear disruption

From the system’s perfection

Is because people buy an excess-ion

Of their favorite sustainment

Then as soon as it is regarded with repulsion

Away into the garbage it is jettisoned.


13. The 13th UN goal is Climate Action

Did you know that only a fraction

Of people don’t think clean energy expansion

Is an overreaction

For them mining coal is a tradition, a passion

Short-term money is a distraction

From the impaction of inaction

This ignorant satisfaction

With energy from oil extraction

May lead to our world’s destruction.


14. The 14th goal is Life Under Water

Some don’t know how much our oceans matter

Our endangered list isn’t any shorter

We need to make a border

Stop fishing only for dollars

Regard the waters with honor

Our fishing systems need to be altered;

We’re just watching, unmoving, as their populations falter.


15. Goal #15 is Life on Land

The fact that animals that have been banned

Are still being hunted down to the very last stand

Like a rare sort of brand

The system of our Earth is grand

With its 8.7 million different species at hand

But a single one, yes, it’s us, man

Have the power, the command,

To reduce our beautiful world to a lifeless wasteland.


16. The 16th Goal is Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Most courts, as of now, are pretty good solutions

To serve justice and find accurate retributions

But have you seen what really needs a revolution?

Gun laws – yes, their totally legal distribution

Dumping chemicals into rivers and ignorantly causing pollution

Then lying about policies and never bringing them into execution

We can’t just find a short-term way, solving through substitution

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll make our own more relevant constitution.


17. The 17th goal and the very last is Partnerships for the Goals

Every country in the UN has a role

In keeping peace, and our world in our controls

We have to stay whole

Hand in hand, united souls

One person can’t do all the toil

We must keep a patrol

Division ruins our world, tears holes

And if things stay without working to reach a purpose

Everyone, everything will pay the toll.

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