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Our Creative Response to the 14th Goal:

Life Below Water

Fiction in response to Life Below Water
Feb 2019

The first time you went to the beach was the first time your mind really went blank. Not in a scary or sad or science-fiction kind of way, just that the crash of the tide rumbled so insistent that there was no room for anything else. No matter how long you stared the..

By Ilana Arougheti
Poem in response to Life Below Water
Feb 2019


covers undulating fields, whisper-soft green

Small fish

Streak, tiny orange comets in a vast ocean

By Caroline Sun
Feb 2019
Poem in response to Life Below Water

A plastic bottle

Left carelessly on the beach

Drifts across oceans

Choking a seabird

By Amrita Bhasin
Feb 2019
Nonfiction in response to Life Below Water

7 cities. 4 countries. 4 continents. 7 problems. And 1 world, from 11 year old perspective. Through my travels, I learned a lot about the different places and how, even though they all have their unique climates, cultures, people, and water sources, their water and...

By Grace Muresan
Feb 2019
Fiction in response to Life Below Water

A splash of salty droplets mist against my face as the ocean waves gently crash against our boat. The black rubber of my wetsuit compresses my body, and the heavy oxygen tank weighs down my back as I sit waiting for our scuba guide to finish his basic...

By Kelsey Cashman
Feb 2019
Fiction in response to Life Below Water

It started out as a regular day, just as all others, little out of the ordinary other than the news about “Hurricane Micheal” and the heavy rain outside. Suddenly, though, while I was in the gym suffering through PE, all the lights went out and immediately kids...

By Grace Muresan
Feb 2019
Fiction in response to Life Below Water

Dear humans,

I would say it's not you it is me, but it is not. No matter how much I do for you, you never seem to notice. You depend on me for everything, and yet I get nothing in return. In fact, over 3 billion...

By Georgia Bernbaum
Feb 2019
Nonfiction in response to Life Below Water

In the recent superhero movie Aquaman, the main villain throws all the trash in the ocean back to land in a titanic tsunami wave. Unfortunately for the fictional beaches, just the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is double the size of Texas. Unfortunately for us...

By Karen Wu
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