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Poem in response to Gender Equality
May 2018
By Georgia Bernbaum
CC Image Courtesy of Aschevogel

What is gender?

Is it a label?

It certainly holds a lot of power

Gender determines our role in society


Gender determines if we are educated

if we work

if we are paid equally

if we vote

if we choose


A simple word: boy or girl

Dictates the life we live

So what makes one a boy?

A boy is tough

Is athletic

Is smart

Is powerful

Is a leader


What makes one a girl?

A girl is gentle

Is pretty

Is kind

Is meek

Is a follower


These words

These ideas

These stereotypes

Have limited us for far too long


Have prevented us from

Equal education

Equal jobs

Equal pay

Equal representation


Beneath the words

The ideas

The stereotypes

There is merely

Skin,flesh,and bones

And that is all the same


We gave two words: boy and girl


And that power divides us

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