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Poem in response to Responsible Consumption and Production
December 2018


By Grace Muresan

Plop! into the garbage disposal it goes

But after that? Well no one knows


Think of what was used to make

The simplest things for goodness sake!


Imagine it isn't give and take

We cut the trees and drain the lake


When natives who lived there have nowhere to go

The work in factories to make their dough


And to make what? They're making the things

that we toss like straws and candy rings


In a blink of an eye, gone-wasted is the toil

And instead, it trashes its mother soil


As the environment we take perfect materials from is tired

And instead ridden with manmade stuff expired


Over time, there’s no plan

And we will destroy man




We take a step back

And let the trees grow


There is nothing we lack

But the people so


Make a plan and some changes that way

Our beloved Green Planet will stay

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