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Poem in response to Reduced Inequalities
October 2018

Rainbow Banner

By Grace Muresan
CC Image Credit Courtesy of Ted Eytan

People always say the thing about being in love

Is that no matter who it’s with it will be blessed from above.

Yet another thing that people tend to say

Is that sinful love is being gay.

A rainbow banner, held to the sky,

In a crowd of people, with spirits high,

To a rainbow flag held in the heart

Of one who’s blood relative has told them to depart.

Since forever, the beginning of time,

Homosexuals have been treated like slime.

Back in England, 1952,

Alan Turing got a cyanide brew.

Because he was gay, he could only choose

Between going to jail or getting hormonal abuse.

I don’t understand why it matters so much

Whether you love the same sex or another as such

What matters is that there is equal love and joy

Whether you’re with a girl or a boy.

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