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Poem in response to Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
September 2018

Outlook Not So Good

By Grace Muresan

I sleep in comfort because I have a great bed,

I go to a good school and learn facts that fill my head,

I drink clean water and eat what I desire,

What more could I want? Many will inquire.

I’m thinking of a world where others have the same

Where no one starves or gets bombed out in Ukraine

Where corrupt government is a thing of the past

And a truly fair democracy is weaved and made to last.

Where rich and poor both ask for equality to all

So I think and wait and check my Magic’s 8 Ball™

“Outlook not so good” is the concise, insightful answer

But why must it be so? With fate and destiny I’ll tamper.

I’ll become the president or work in the U.N.

I’ll make the world a haven for all women, children and men

I’ll take out plans to feed the world and when everyone’s full,

I’ll filter half an ocean and make each town a drinking pool.

I’ll build shelters for the homeless and make a happy neighborhood,

I’ll be the planet’s first ever real female Robin Hood.

I know my plans for future days are ambitious and unreal,

But one of these days someone has to let the world heal.

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