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Poem in response to Clean Water and Sanitation
June 2018

Water For All

By Kelsey Cashman
CC Image Courtesy of DFID - UK Department

We take it for granted,

Always being able

To reach for a glass of water,

Even though 663 million people, a

Rising number, have access to nothing.


Scarce supplies leave many thirsting,

Hoping for a sip that may never come.

Or if it comes, it is dirty, almost

Undrinkable, but they drink anyway,

Led by their extreme thirst to

Drink, giving no mind to the dirt and filth.


But it should not be this way,

Everyone should be able to drink without the


Fear that this drink will be their last,

Or that each sip must be savored.

Remembering that we


Are all one people, that we all

Live on this Earth and want to

Live our best lives, it is our duty to


Protect each other, to help

Everyone who is without water.

Our earth is 71% water, and yet 40% of

People don’t have enough to

Live on, but together we can work to ensure

Everyone has clean water.


Because water should be for all people.

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