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Poem in response to Reduced Inequalities
October 2018

The Same Within

By Kelsey Cashman

We are equal.

No person is worth less than another.

Age, race, sex, class-

None of that should matter.


We are equal.

So why is there inequality?

Why can’t all people

Have a life of high quality?


We are equal.

But still there is poverty

And very poor treatment

Of any minority.


We are all born equal,

With a brain and a heart.

But right after birth

The inequity starts.


Whether place of birth

Or color of skin,

We are all equal,

We’re the same within.


The same opportunity

Should be given to all,

But as of today

The inequalities appall.


All the world’s problems

Away we can wheedle,

Only by working together

As an equal people.

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