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Poem in response to Good Health and Well-being
March 2018
By Amrita Bhasin
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One foot in front of the other,

I adjust my sari,

Glancing down at my bare feet,


The ground moist and hard,

The pitcher balanced precariously,

Atop my head,

The sun is starting to set.


When I reach home,

It will be dark,

Mother will have a pot of chai,

Waiting for me before bed.


The cattle will drink,

Dinner will be cooked,

Before I am ready to make the next trek.


4 miles,

3 times a day,

It could be worse,

My head hurts a bit,

I feel a pain in my back,


My ankle bracelet is covered in mud,

I see the outline of my village,

Soon it will be dusk.


And I will repeat the journey,


And again.

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