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Poem in response to Decent Work and Economic Growth
August 2018

Just One Job

By Kelsey Cashman

All our lives

We are told to work.

Chores, school, summer jobs-

Do whatever you can

To make money.


We are told

That having a job

Will lead to a better life-

To a house and food

And paid bills.


But then we grow

And get a job

Or two or three.

Struggling to make ends meet,

Living day to day.


Working long hours

Day after day

No vacations, just overtime.

Living between paydays,

A frugal life.


If everyone was able

To not only

Have a good job,

But also one that

Pays the bills,


We would be

One step closer

To a world of equality,

A world without poverty

And unpaid bills.

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