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Editorial Board Spotlight      February 2019


"Promoting the goals makes people around us aware of a world they are not seeing."

"I have gained an awareness of how to spread conversation through social media and an understanding of how it can promote change in a media-centric world."

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Junsong Pan

Los Angeles, California


Hi, my name is Jungson Pan. I am an 8th grader in Los Angeles. I moved from China three years ago when I was ten years old. I enjoy debating with my friends and am the leader of Ideology Club and Anime Club at my school. When I moved here a couple years ago, I was exposed to a whole new concept of a world. Because I lived in two extremely different places and learned about two drastically different cultures, I believe I can easily adapt to many situations and that I am more open to people’s ideas. 


What does Actions in Spotlight mean to you, and why is it important for you to promote the sustainable development goals?

Being in charge of social media for Actions in Spotlight has given me a great platform for me to learn other people's ideas and thoughts. One main force that gives me my creativity is people. Interacting with people or just reading their work gives me more ideas for things I might encounter throughout my life. The Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are really impactful as they are real things that real people are facing. Promoting these goals makes people around us more aware of a world that they are not seeing. Actions in Spotlight is an amazing place for me to promote information about what happening around the world.


What are your goals for the future? How do you think Actions in Spotlight plays into these goals?


I don’t have a clear goal for the future yet. However, I have gained an awareness of how to spread conversation through social media and an understanding of how it can promote change in a growing media-centric world.

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