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Poem in response to Zero Hunger
February 2018
By Kelsey Cashman
CC Image courtesy of Albert González Farran

Stomach grumbles,

So I reach for a snack.

If there’s nothing to eat,

I’m taken aback.


Aisles of food

Fill all the stores-

Meats and veggies

And snacks galore.


But the world,

And in my hometown,

There are millions of people

Who go without.


When their stomach grumbles,

There is nothing to eat.

In our world, 795 million people

Are going hungry.


One in nine people

Are undernourished.

Without enough food,

They are unable to flourish.


Growth is stunted,

And minds work slow. 

Who can be productive

When every meal they forgo?


They need our help-

Our neighbors and friends-

Because if we all work together,

World hunger we can end.

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