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Poem in response to Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
September 2018

Dear World

By Mofe Akinyanmi
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Dear World,

I’ve had a vision. A foresight into what lies in the future. There was once a time where we dreamed of flying cars, spaceships and intelligent robots, and those dreams are close to coming into reality. Now, us humans have to find new fantasies to bring to life.

As the time I have left on earth decreases, I feel a responsibility to leave the world in a better condition than it was in when I came into it. To bring new technologies and improve the quality of life. To clean the earth of waste left by the people of the past. The only way that any of this is possible is to use the most powerful tool that we humans have been given––the human mind. The imagination is a beautiful thing. It allows us to think beyond the present and picture things that we’ve never seen.

Every manmade object that has ever existed was created with the imagination. The table, the blanket, the refrigerator, the door, the cell phone, the fan and many more. I want to create an invention that will join the others in improving life on earth. There are so many ideas that fill my head: a machine that removes pathogens from the air, or one that roams around the ocean, collecting trash and using it for fuel, and a plethora of others. These ideas are what will save us from ourselves.

Before I go, I want to leave my mark. I want to be able to say that I changed the world. I want to know that one issue was resolved because I made up my mind to find a solution. It may take longer than my lifetime. These troubles may stay for a long time, even into the next generation, but if I make the tiniest difference, it’ll be worth it. One day, this world will be a better place for my being here. Just watch me.



The Next Generation.

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