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Nonfiction in response to Gender Equality
May 2018
By Mofe Akinyanmi
CC Image Courtesy of Digital Media Academy

Dear girls,


I know it gets hard sometimes. It’s not easy to live in a world where everything seems to be against you. Where some of us don’t get the opportunities to learn, where some of us don’t have access to the things we need, where all of us, from the moment we are born, already have a portion of the population who doesn’t believe we are equal to them. Working as hard as we can, putting our best effort forward, we still earn 24% less than the average man. 35% of us have been assaulted, sexually or physically. Violated, our trust in the world stolen because of one or more events. 133 million of us have been mutilated, our genitalia mangled by a blade. Did we have a choice? No. Now, maybe we can’t give that gift of life, the one that only a woman can give to the world. What can we do? What could we do? Well for one, if you’ve been gifted with that wonderful privilege of education, use it. Use it to the highest extent you can, and advise your peers to do the same. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams. Help those of us who don’t have these advantages. If there’s someone who needs help in your community, reach out. If you can donate to women in a different country, do your best. This does not only apply to us girls. It applies to men too. Do your best to make the world a better place for your being here, and maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.




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