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Poem in response to Life On Land
March 2019

A Land Without Life

By Kelsey Cashman
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A warm summer’s day,

But something is wrong-

No birds in the sky

Singing their songs,

No mosquitoes humming

Disturbing the air,

Not a speck of green grass

To be found anywhere.


A slow fade to fall,

But when you look around.

No trees dressed in colors,

No leaves hit the ground.

Not a squirrel to be seen

In search of acorns,

No pumpkins or squashes

Or sweet golden corn.


A cold day in winter,

Snow falls everywhere.

But no tracks in the snow

From a deer or a hare.

Not a bear to be found

Asleep in its den,

No groundhog will come

To signal winter’s end.


Now flip to spring,

Not a flower in sight.

No pollen or petals,

No birds make their flight.

No bumbling bees

Go buzzing by,

And no baby birds

Learn how to fly.


Must this be?

Must it be so?

Will we see a time

Where nothing will grow?

Unless we make change,

And make them with speed,

Life on land will be gone,

Erased by our deeds.

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