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Poem in response to Affordable and Clean Energy
July 2018

A Breath of Fresh Air

By Kelsey Cashman
CC Image Courtesy of Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

Standing outside, in the sun’s glare.

Deep breath in, lungs fill with air

So crisp and cool, refreshingly clean.

All around, no pollution to be seen.


That same place, many years have passed.

Deep breath in, lungs fill with smoke and gas.

The sky is a dark and murky gray,

You can hardly tell the night from day.


This will soon be our reality,

If we do not make our energy clean.

Instead of taking all the Earth can give,

We need to look for alternatives.


Energy is a part of life,

We all need it to survive.

But fossil fuels are running low

And environmental problems continue to grow


As we burn the coal and oil,

Our Earth’s great beauty is slowly spoiled.

We all need to help protect our home,

For no one person can do it alone.


There are many things that we can do,

Like bike or walk- turn off lights too.

If we all work towards clean energy,

We can help protect the air we breathe.

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